Top 50 Blogs For Understanding & Coping With Alopecia

Alopecia is a hair loss condition that causes one’s hair to fall out in a short period of time. This disease affects everyone from men to women to children. With hair such an important part of one’s appearance and confidence, a diagnosis of alopecia can be devastating. If you or someone you care about has alopecia, it is easy to feel alone and uninformed. To help, we have gathered the top 50 blogs for understanding and coping with alopecia. Because anyone would be confused by alopecia, make the blow softer by reading the tales of those who have been where you are going. Top Blogs for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia by a Group These groups are made up of doctors, patients, and families with alopecia.
    1. Team Alopecia :Loads of people come here to read and share experiences on their own alopecia experience. Everyone from experts to families to rookies can find something just for them. There is also the latest news, how-to videos, and much more. 2. Alopecia World : This is a unique, exciting and positively life-changing social networking site for anyone living with any type of unwanted, chronic or medical hair loss. A plus of the site is that family members of those who have alopecia are also welcome here. You can also read tons of blogs, or start your own. 3. Alopecia UK : The United Kingdom based site offers a special support and advice section for people with alopecia. You can choose to search for answers from a dermatologist, wig expert, makeup artist, or even models with alopecia. They also have an FAQ and area where you can ask a new question. 4. The Alopecia’s : Hair Loss Talk is a website that discusses many aspects of hair loss from cancer to male pattern baldness. With a special section for alopecia, they have loads of information on the disease. You can also read news, treatments, photos, and much more. 5. Balding Blog : Four doctors specialize in hair loss and restoration. Read true life stories on all sorts of patients through the blog. Categories range from African-Americans to videos. 6. Be Bold : Two years a group of people from the Northeast of England embarked on a project to raise awareness of the condition alopecia. The blog contains updates on what they have done and plans for the future. You can also get loads of other information on alopecia. 7. Video Blog : Click here for a YouTube channel on alopecia. Loads of videos are on the average alopecia sufferer and even those in the spotlight who have it. 8. American Hair Loss Association : These professionals are dedicated to education, research, and commitment for those suffering from hair loss. You can read the latest articles, or search through the archives for entries on alopecia. There is also a forum with more. 9. Skin Matters : Skin Sight is an informative place where sufferers of alopecia and other dermatological conditions can come. Look for entries just on alopecia or check out the community. There are also answers to other common questions.
Top Blogs for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia by a Man These men suffer from alopecia or some form of hair loss and share more in their blogs.
    10. The Alopecia Boy : A well known blogger, he has been on the net vocalizing alopecia since 1995. Hear his story, get information and much more. Be sure not to miss the Ken Doll Episode, a story by the Alopecia Boy on the condition. 11. The Bald Truth : Spencer Kobren hosts this site with loads of resources for those losing their hair. The show can be enjoyed from your computer, along with many other options. Visitors can check out the blogs, forums, send in a letter, and much more. 12. The Dermatology Blog : Dr. Jeff Benabio is a board certified in dermatology and is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. He has had several articles on various subjects and regularly blogs on all sorts of topics, including alopecia. You can also find blog entries on skin and nail care. 13. Harry’s Alopecia Areata Page : Harry is a blogger from the Netherlands. He has had alopecia for 20 years and is not shy about sharing his story. He also has a six part FAQ section with loads of answers. 14. Alopecia Information : Brian has suffered from alopecia for over seven years. Categories on his blog include products, causes, treatments, and more. He also has links to relevant alopecia articles. 15. Hair Loss Q & A : Got a question about a hair regrowth product? Bill has tried them all. Check out his blog to see which ones he recommends.
Top Blogs for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia by a Woman Because alopecia also effects women, read their blogs for more information.
    16. Alopecia : Tara Parker Pope is a health blogger for “The New York Times.” Clicking on the tag for alopecia brings up the many related articles. They include true life stories, as well as the latest developments. 17. Bald Girls Do Lunch : This non-profit works to help girls and women who are suffering from hair loss. They have a calendar of upcoming events across the country and a downloadable fact sheet. The blog also has news and more. 18. Peggy Knight Solutions : She is a hair restoration expert who has made appearances on “The Tyra Banks Show” and others. Her blog has links to other hair loss items of interest. You can even read the first chapter of her book, “From Bare to Hair,” for free. 19. Women’s Hair Loss Project : This blogger lost her hair before the age of 30, and looked to the internet for support. As a result, this blog was born. You can read the latest entry, or check out her very own hair loss story. 20. My Alopecia Experience : Sandra had her very first bald experience on her 25th birthday during the party when she noticed hair falling out. What follows is her story on understanding and coping with alopecia. Pages include a new attitude, the community, and even an alopecia anthem. 21. Baldchickie’s Blog : When Balkdchickie’s hair started falling out in 2008, she was diagnosed with alopecia areata. Read her blog to see what happened after. It is a short blog but worth a look. 22. Women’s Hair Loss Project : If the above blogs aren’t enough for you, click here for more help in understanding and coping with alopecia. Loads of women stop here to post on hair loss, alopecia, and related items. You can also start your own. 23. The Bald Spot : Sheila lost her hair to alopecia seven years ago. Although she doesn’t do much blogging herself, she shares all the online resources that were able to help her. You can also get a link to her book on hair loss. 24. Skinema : This unknown dermatologist blogs about skin conditions in the media. Read the latest condition to hit the screen. You can even check out the Skinnies, an award given by the blogger to the best awareness on screen.
Top Blog Groups for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia Visit these online groups to meet someone else with alopecia.
    25. Alopecia Groups : Alopecia World currently has 180 groups for those trying to understand and cope with the condition. They range on everything from musicians/artists with alopecia to gamers with alopecia. You can also start your own. 26. Her Alopecia : Get support and coping just for the ladies here. They have discussion forums, a chat room, and so much more. You can also see user photos or get the latest news. 27. Hair Loss Groups : Choose from men’s, women’s, or alopecia in general on these forums. Topics include telling your story as well as specific subjects such as growth stimulants. You can also create your own custom page. 28. Alopecia UK Forum : You don’t have to like in the U.K. to take advantage of these alopecia forums. Visitors can read all about experiences, wigs, coping, and more. Sign up for a free membership to write in your own query. 29. Locks of Love : A non-profit organization, they provide hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children in the U.S. and Canada who suffer from long term hair loss. How to donate and collect hair are all featured on the site. There is even an LOL Kids page. 30. Children with Hair Loss : The goal of this group is to assist as many children as possible who have alopecia and other forms of hair loss. You can sign up a child to receive hair, or learn how you can donate your own. They even have a sweepstakes. 31. Hair Club : This company is best known for its “I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client” line. Men, women, and even children can come here for all sorts of hair loss solutions. Visit this page to get a free brochure and DVD. 32. Hair Restoration Sites : If looking to create a site for your alopecia experience, stop here. The social network will allow you to create a profile, blog, and photo albums. They also have instructions and a forum. 33. My New Hair : If you have alopecia or are a hair dresser who wants to help, click here. They have answers on wigs, products, and care. Hair dressers can also get other resources. 34. Bald Talk : Although not specifically for men, it is still a good choice for guys. Hair loss, transplants, and restoration are discussed on this online community. There is even a section for women and the option to send a question to hormone specialist Geoffrey Redmond. 35. 43 Things :This is a site where people come to do things that they need a little help with. This particular page is for those who want to find other people with alopecia universalis. Get links to others or post your own story.
Top Associations for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia The below associations specialize in alopecia and other forms of hair loss.
    36. National Alopecia Areata Foundation : The impressive photo album of those sharing their alopecia stories is reason alone to visit. They also have tools for those who are recently diagnosed and for living with alopecia. You can also register or check out the quarterly newsletter. 37. Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation : You can view a short documentary on the condition just by visiting the home page. The CARF supports those who have scarring as a result of their alopecia. Get resources and meet others here. 38. Alopecia Awareness : According to this site, one out of every ten will suffer the effects alopecia at some time or another. This site not only offers support groups, but live chat as well. See when the next one will be by visiting. 39. Children’s Alopecia Project : Learn how you can send your child to a special alopecia camp for the summer with a visit here. The site also stands out for special resources for kids. How to cope, treat, and deal with alopecia are all discussed. 40. Alopecia Areata Support Association : If you are an Australian living with alopecia, this is the association and blog for you. With meetings every few months, it is an excellent choice for those living in Victoria. The site also has information on treatments, research, and more. 41. International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons : If considering hair restoration surgery, visit here. The IAHRS keeps tabs on surgeons who specialize in it. Find a doctor, get information on patient’s rights, and more. 42. Alopecia Areata Info : Not an association, they still contain valuable information on alopecia areata. They also have sections on biology and treatments. 43. Alopecia Areata Registry : If ready to stop blogging and take a more active role, click here. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX has a registry for those who have alopecia areata. They are researching genetic components of the disease and show you how to enroll and eligibility requirements.
Top Blog Entries for Understanding & Coping With Alopecia These blog articles have excellent information on understanding and coping with alopecia.
    44. True Life: I’m Losing My Hair : The MTV series called True Life follows young people in real life situations. In this episode, three young people battle hair loss. Rebecca was diagnosed with alopecia at age 19 and tells all here. 45. Shopping for a Wig : This article from Australia’s ABC news has just much more than how to buy a wig. Expert Emma Francis also shows you the first signs of alopecia, the facts, prognosis, and more. She also discusses the effects of stress. 46. Kayla Martell : This young woman has had alopecia areata since 1999. She doesn’t let that stop her from competing in and winning beauty pageants. Read her story here. 47. Others with Alopecia Overcome Hair Loss : In addition to reading Kayla’s story, ABC News has more on alopecia. Ways to cope and even new genetic research are covered. 48. : This is a popular health site with tons of information for everyone. The section on alopecia covers causes, patterns, and treatments. You can also read and comment on the topic. 49. Natural Remedies for Alopecia : If looking for an alternative, natural treatment to alopecia, stop here. Expert Cathy Wong discusses the disease with Three natural remedies you can make in your home are given. 50. Alopecia Index : If unfamiliar with a particular alopecia term, visit here. It is a virtual A to Z glossary of terms. There are also entries on all sorts of other hair and skin conditions.
If your hair is falling out, see a licensed physician before turning to the above top 50 blogs for understanding and coping with alopecia. It could be a sign of many other problems. Also, be sure and talk with your doctor before beginning a new treatment for your alopecia.