Top 50 Blogs for Marathoners

To the uninitiated, it may seem as if the world of long-distance runners is a strange sort of club. The athletes use words like”bonk” and talk lovingly about blisters and speak openly of avoiding diarrhea on long runs. They train obsessively and run what seems like way too many marathons in a short amount of time in order to join a club called the”Marathon Maniacs.” In fact, some of them may seem like maniacs due to their seemingly insane devotion to the sport of running. But then you start to take a closer look. Through these 50 excellent blogs by and for marathoners, a picture emerges. It’s a picture of a full-time college student who runs to stay fit, a single working mom who runs to relieve stress, an ultramarathoner whose weekend isn’t complete without some sort of long distance race, and a man who took up running to regain his youth and found a passion instead. Read these 50 top blogs for marathoners and be inspired by the courage, persistence, and honesty these people display. General Marathon Blogs These blogs contain general references about marathons, training, strategies, news, and running gear.
    1. Marathon Training Schedule Blog : Marius Bakken blogs about his approach to the marathon training schedule. He offers a 100-day marathon training plan. 2. Marathon and Beyond : Runners share funny, crazy, and inspirational stories on this entertaining blog. 3. Dean’s Blog : Dean Karanazes is a well-known ultra-long-distance runner and a consistent blogger for Runner’s World. He posts many tips on strategy and training on his blog. 4. On and Off the Track : Trainer, coach, and sports scientist Steve Magness discusses running issues on his blog. The site has a rich collection of previous articles. 5. See Corey Run : Corey Irwin is an experienced runner, excellent athlete, and running coach. She posts on running topics such as sports nutrition, marathon training, the mental aspects of running, cooking, and news from the world of track and field. 6. Running Advice : Get marathon news and training tips from Coach Joe English on this blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your first or your 50th marathon, you’ll be able to get a lot out of this blog. 7. Pheppidations : Massachusetts communications expert Steve Walker has been sharing his thoughts about distance running since 1998. Don’t miss this experienced marathoner’s podcast. 8. Half Marathon Running : This informative blog provides lots of great tips for training for and completing a half marathon race. 9. RW Daily : This is a blog by the editors of Runner’s World that combines viewpoints on running with product reviews and news from the world of running. 10. Coach Jenny Hadfield : Jenny Hadfield has written several books on marathoning, and she has a master’s degree in exercise science. She uses her experience as a certified coach and personal trainer. She writes about running for many different publications. 11. Ann’s Running Commentary : Ann writes for the”Washington Running Report” and other running publications. She loves to write about her own runs as well as those of others. 12. Best Running Tips This is a great site if you’re looking for a place to find reviews of running gear, clothing, and other runner’s necessities. 13. Marathon Rookie Marathon Training Blog Brad Boughman provides articles, tips, inspiration, and guidance for anyone who wants to train for a marathon on his blog. 14. 26Point2Medals This interesting blog showcases the medals that are given as prizes in different marathons around the world. There are many beautiful photos. 15. ZBSports : ZBSports is a blog devoted to educating the public about the best in running apparel and shoes. 16. Endurance Planet : Endurance Planet is a great site for anyone who loves marathoning and distance running. Here, you can find videos, inspiring posts, and articles, as well an awesome podcast. 17. The Final Sprint : Marathon runners are just one of the groups featured on the podcasts here at The Final Sprint. You’ll love the interviews with other athletes as well as the articles.
Marathon Communities and Blogs These community running websites have links to hundreds of member blogs and websites.
    18. Cool Running : Runners of all ability levels gather at Cool Running to talk about their favorite hobby. See other people’s marathon training plans, nutrition, diets, and strategies. 19. MarathonGuide : is a great community website for runners of all ability levels to get together and discuss race tips, strategies, and inside information. 20. : is packed with great articles and resources for athletes in all sports. The running section contains a calendar that lets you know when races will be held in your area and around the country. 21. Nike Running : Many runners enjoy networking at Nike You can also sign up free to get training tools and see a guide to running shoes. 22. Running Healthy Living Community : The popular weight loss website Sparkpeople hosts this community that has over 79 teams and over 93,000 members who have one thing in common: being seriously interested in running. 23. Complete Running : Here are links to over 1,700 member running blogs. Connect to bloggers that match your interest by location, preferred distance, and other criteria. 24.  Daily Mile : The Daily Mile is an extremely popular website that serious runners use to log their miles. You can also log your participation in other sports such as weightlifting, cycling, or walking.
Local Marathon Blogs On these blogs, you’ll find references to specific marathons as well as running in specific cities.
    25. The Roving Runner : Brian Fidelman explores New York City from a runner’s perspective, posting about the New York City Marathon at certain times of the year. 26. Boston Marathon Blog : On the Boston Marathon blog at the Boston Globe, you can keep track of all the happenings surrounding one of the world’s most famous marathons. 27. …miles to go before I sleep… : TZ (Trail Zombie) is a member of the Marathon Maniacs and loves to write about his runs in the Oklahoma park system. 28. Mrs. Duffy’s Marathon Blog : Mrs. Duffy is a 35-year-old New Yorker who calls herself a “fat chick” but she is a veteran marathon runner who can keep a 10-minute mile pace.
Marathoners With Special Challenges These people undertake their marathon journey with unique conditions or parameters that make their blogs especially interesting.
    29. The Barefoot Runner : “Barefoot Rick” has run over 16,000 miles barefoot since October 2003. He chronicles his journey on this blog. Running marathons and other races barefoot is part of what he considers to be his Christian mission. 30. Balls On The Table : Balls On The Table is the blog of Zab, a man who is running for “Cru,” a friend’s baby who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA. Cru died just before he turned five months old. 31. The Fruitarian : Michael Arnstein is a self-described “fruitarian” who runs ultra-long-distance races and eats a diet almost entirely composed of low-fat fruit and vegetables. 32. Maddog Marathon Blog : John “Maddog” Wallace holds the world record for marathons, having run over 330 marathons in 103 countries around the world. He’s run on 7 continents, in every country in Europe, every state in the USA, and every Canadian province.
Marathon Blogs By Men
    33. 26.2 Quest : Tim Wilson blogs about his race training as he works toward his second marathon. He has lost over 90 pounds in two years. 34. The Puerto Rican Kenyan : The “Puerto Rican Kenyan” is a marathoner who has been seriously training since 2007. He has a time under 3 hours and recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. 35. Adventures of A Marathoner : “Midpack Runner” is a graduate student who has a goal of running in the Boston Marathon. 36. Jokach’s Marathon Training Blog : An “average” working father from Pennsylvania chronicles his marathon training on this blog. His blog is listed on the “Top 100 Running Sites.” 37. The Kenyan Way : Sean Wade has been a professional runner for over 20 years, and is currently the fastest runner in the world in his category. In fact, the Road Runners Club of America named him their 2006 Male Runner of the Year. 38. There Are No Limits : Wyatt, a 36-year-old man from Colorado, has found success in ultramarathons. He writes about his races and offers others inspiration. 39. Half Fast : Ian writes about running with a distinct sense of humor that will leave readers laughing and encouraged in their own running. 40. Got Lactate? : ExSoccerGuy loves to write about his races and about the great gear that helps him get through them.
Marathon Blogs By Women
    41. Run Pigtails : Van Phan is a physician assistant from Washington who started out as a marathon runner and worked her way up to ultramarathons. 42. Run Like A Mother : Dimity and Sarah blog about their adventures as moms who love to run. Their blog developed into a book as well. 43. Frayed Laces : This graduate student from Hawaii loves training for and running in marathons. Even though she was set back by a 2007 pelvic stress fracture, she has recovered to run many races since. 44. The Chic Runner : Danica is a twentysomething graduate student from Southern California who loves to run and write about running. 45. Marathon Mama : Kristina Pinto is “Marathon Mama;” she blogs for every woman who uses long-distance running as a way to escape from the stresses of daily life. 46. Mother, Runner, Nurse : Mother, Runner, Nurse is a blog by Sarah, a divorced mother who balances her home life with her nursing career and her running habit. 47. Run Like A Girl, And Mean It! : This Southern girl is a 3rd grade teacher in Alabama who spends her free time helping her parents and training for marathons. She is a serious runner, having won the Pensacola marathon in 2006. 48. Tired Mama Running : “Tired Mama” is a Colorado native who has three cute kids and one serious running habit. She named her blog because she is tired, and she is a mom who runs. 49. Girl In Motion: A Running Odyssey : Flo Karp is a 48-year-old who began running from scratch in February 2007 and got hooked. She ran her first marathon on October 12, 2008. 50. Mom vs. Marathon : Kerrie is a mom who aspires to running a marathon as well as writing a novel. Visit her blog to check up on her progress.