The Top 35 Medical Waste and Disposal Blogs

Medical disposal and waste have become a concern for the healthcare industry because lax regulations in the US may contribute to the spread of infections and diseases. Unlike European countries, the regulations for disposing of medical waste is mandated by the state, not the federal government. This leaves many holes in the policies for proper medical disposal since the laws and procedures range from lenient to completely absent. Top Blogs and Articles for Medical Waste and Disposal While there are few blogs that directly or indirectly track medical waste and disposal, there are many articles on the web that demonstrate the various standards for states and individual hospitals on the subject.
    1. Medical Waste Online : This up-to-date blog is one of the best online resources for learning about medical waste and disposal. 2. Assessing the Hidden Problem of Medical Waste Disposal : Learn about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and their stance to improve regulations for getting rid of medical waste. 3. Medical Field Considers Eco-Friendly Ways : This article discusses the smart things medical waste companies are doing for their network of hospitals and clinics that are helping the environment and cutting down on costs. 4. FDA Establishes Guidelines on Drug Disposal : This article talks about the FDA rules for the public to dispose of medicine and drugs that have no distinct directions on packaging. 5. Recycling X-Ray Film Program : Understand recycling x-ray film, which is one of the latest ways hospitals and clinics are cutting down on waste. 6. VA Launches Pilot Program Cost Effective Medical Waste Disposal : This article talks about a new program from a Houston-based company that provides an affordable, proper medical disposal program for in and out patient VA hospitals. 7. FDA Law Blog – DEA Seeks Comments on Controlled Substances : This article discusses the Controlled Substances Act and its effect on long term patients and facilities that usually throw pills in the trash or flush them. 8. What is Bio Medical Waste? : Learn how bio medical waste differs from other clincal and hospital”trash.”. 9. Medical Waste – A Growing Concern : This blog entry talks about medical waste management. Check out the comments box for thought-provoking insight from those in the field. 10. Med Assure Services : This is one of the true medical disposal blogs out there and aims to educate on the subject. 11. Objectives of Hospital Waste Management : What’s the point of sorting hospital waste management? Well, the welfare of our health and the planet. Read more on the topic here. 12. Know About the Disposal of Expired Drugs : Proper disposal of expired drugs in the household is also a growing problem. Learn how to get rid of items the right way with this helpful article. 13. Definitely of Hospital Waste : Hospital waste is an important subject within the disposal debate because it can contain hazardous materials. Learn more by reading this article. 14. Medical Waste, Disposable Risks Multiply : This interesting article discusses new ways hospitals and clinics are going about age-old procedures to cut down on waste and reuse what they can. 15. Medical Disposal Systems : Recycling in the Twin Cities is easy, even for medical waste thanks to this nifty site. 16. Hospital Waste Management Procedures : If you’re looking for ways for your hospital or clinic to properly manage what goes in the garbage, you’ll love this article. 17. Medical Waste – A Rising Challenge for the Healthcare Industry : Why is it a problem? Because the amount of garbage the healthcare industry throws out is in the billions. Read what is being done about the situation here. 18. EP Catheters Recycling Imagine every catheter that comes out of a hospital being recycled. That’s a lot less waste and it’s what this company offers. 19. Seminole Medical and Infectious Waste Disposal : Check out this comprehensive list of proper waste disposal facilitators in Florida. 20. Healthcare Waste : The World Health Organization brings us this amazing and informative site on hospital waste management. 21. Hospital Waste Fact Sheet : A brilliant, go-to guide for learning about hospital waste and the best methods for various supplies. 22. Medical Waste Solutions : This company will do the dirty work for you, but their website provides a great resource for learning what items are accepted by facilities such as this. 23. X-Ray Medical Film Recycling : X-rays are now being recycled. Read about the process at this site. 24. How is Medical Waste Disposed Of? : How does it all go down? Learn the protocol for getting rid of medical waste. 25. Curing the Problem of Discarding Pills : Think flushing your old pills down the toilet is the way to go? Think again after reading this article. 26. Medical Waste Disposal : A concise article that explains the basics and facts of medical waste disposal. 27. Hospital Waste Disposal Systems and Technology : Can we use technology to help manage medical waste? Certainly, and here’s how it’s being done. 28. Disposal of Expired Medication Samples : What can a clinic do with those loads of medication samples that expire? Find out with this informative blog post. 29. How Does Hospital Waste Management Help the Environment : Waste management at hospitals and clinics helps the planet in major ways since so much is discarded daily. 30. Proper Drug Disposal Promotes Healthier Living Environment : Tips on how to sort and dispose of your over-the-counter and prescription medications. 31. Medical Waste Regulations : This informative article is a must-read for those learning about medical waste. Read about the medical Waste Tracking Act and the EPA’s role in the disposal process. 32. Improper Disposal of Medical Waste Brings Fines : Read how some states are laying down the law, which includes hefty fines (to the tune of $39,000) to major hospitals like Boston Medical Center. 33. US Medical Waste Management Market : This article published in July 2010 talks about the rise of medical waste in the US and what companies are doing to meet the demand. 34. Sharps Repurposes Medical Waste : Read how this innovative company is cutting down on the trash discarded by clinics and hospitals. 35. About Medical Waste Disposal Laboratories : This brief article discusses the types of medical waste and delves into biohazardous waste disposal.
Environmentalists and those concerned with the health of the US are pushing for federal laws that strictly enforce the way medical waste is disposed of in this country.