The 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting

Ever wish your grandparents or parents ever wrote a journal of their lives? For more and more families, this is now a reality with the advancement of the internet. Loads of sites offer individuals free blogs to be maintained and updated as the writer wishes. As a result, many grandparents have turned to blogging, as well as reading blogs for people just like them. In the above spirit, below are the 50 best blogs by and about grandparenting. By grandmothers, grandfathers, retired people, experts, and more, you are sure to understand an important member of the family like never before. Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting by a Group Two or more grandparents write about tips, daily life, and more in their blogs.
    1. GaGa Sisterhood :This is a social network for enthusiastic, creative, caring women who indulge in the joy of being grandmothers. With “bonding, bragging, and benefits” it is a must read for grandparents. Popular posts include “7 Ways to Say Congratulations, You’re Going to be Grandparents” and “Another Ponytail Donated to Love.” 2. Grandparents TLC : The title and purpose of the blog is to provide Technology to help Loving grandparents Connect with grandchildren. Shayne and Tanda author this blog and even offer others the opportunity to write a guest post. Videos, tips, and more are shared often. 3. The Nana Blogs : Grandparents from all over the web can stop here for a blogging community just for them. Simply visit the Sign Up page to begin. You can also read the blogs of other grandparents. 4. Mommy Life : With twelve children, Barbara’s family is way more than a bunch. Since 2005, she has written over 6,000 entries, you can read her stories or narrow them down by category. Her picks include baby stuff, safety, movies, books, and so much more. 5. Sharp Session : This is one of the official blogs from the AARP. It contains the latest news surrounding retired persons, along with many other tips for those over 65. Best of all, you don’t have to be a member to read. 6. Elder Exercise : If you are over 50 and want to exercise more, this is the blog for you. Six different people have registered and share their exercises on a regular basis. Check them out, or join in. 7. Grammology : Two generations of women collaborate to give the straight-up, no-nonsense wisdom of “Gramma.” Linda and Dorothy write on issues of the day including parenting and work. A recent entry was on Sarah Ferguson and lessons learned. 8. Adult Education Blog : An eclectic blog that covers a wide array of topics from the perspective of seniors who want to educate the newest generation. From healthy living, to having “the talk” with your grandchildren, lots of interesting topics are covered.
Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting by Grandmother The mothers of parents of children have loads to say in these blogs.
    9. Nanahood : Teresa was voted “most likely to never marry” by her high school. Over 30 years and five children later, she is now a grandmother. Her blog focuses on the second part of motherhood: Nanahood. Regular entries include Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thoughts. 10. Grandma Stories : This blog is for and about new grandmas and grandpas, as well as stories for and about more experienced grandparents. The blogger discusses both her grandchildren and adult children in the blog. Tags include activities, recipes, gifts, and the good old-fashioned story. 11. Nana’s Corner : Nana has been married for 37 years and has two grandchildren with another on the way. A high school teacher with a retired husband, Nana is on her way to retirement herself. Recent entries are on fun summer activities. 12. Grandma Ideas : Visit here for the blog of the “Digi-Granny.” Her love of technology will have you guessing she is years younger. However, her photo gallery and stories show the love only a grandmother could. 13. Play With Me Nana! : Connie named her blog after one of the first sentences her grandchild said. Now at seven, he is still playing games with his grandma, along with the second grandchild. One of the latest entries was on Clay Day. 14. Going to Googoo’s : Glenda is a Christian mother of two and grandmother to two grandchildren. She also writes about sewing, coupons, and baking. She recently announced the expectancy of her third grandchild, so expect more blogging. 15. Grandma’s Briefs : Lisa is a laid-off newspaper writer and editor looking for a way to keep her writing muscle flexed. She doesn’t mind her love of rocking chairs, socks, and being called “grandma.” Interesting entries include topics such as “9 Things I’ve Kept for the Grandkids.” 16. A Grandparent’s Voice : Pamela is a mother, grandmother, and writer. She writes about finding your voice as a grandmother, along with other things. One of the latest entries was on being patiently perfect. 17. Grandma Henke : She retired from a 25 year career as the director of a non-profit agency that assists people with developmental disabilities. With 17 grandchildren, she has laughed and cried her way through many experiences. Read the latest on her blog. 18. Grand Nana – Parenting the Second Time ‘Round : From Massachusetts, GN is a 50 something grandmother raising a nine year old grandson. She is also a computer geek, a lover of good food, and more. Although she has gone a few months without posting, her poetry and short stories are inspiring.
Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting by a Grandfather These granddads also have loads to write about.
    19. Square Sunshine : Martin shares the thoughts and observations of a grandfather. It is a standout choice for the impressive photography he takes and shares. Get tips for both with a visit. 20. Vigilant Grandpa : This blogger believes in holding the tiny hand for as long as you can while being vigilant. With hundreds of entries just this year alone, make time for Michael’s blog. Deals, politics, and more are discussed. 21. A Blog by James Curran : Although James doesn’t blog often on his grandchildren, there are still lots of them. Focusing mostly on politics, he is from Canada. The “33 Grandparent’s Rights” entry is worth the visit alone. 22. Grandparents and The Law : Visit here for another blog on the rights of grandparents. It is sponsored by the Grandparent Case Law Monitor. There hasn’t been a new entry in a while, but there are loads of archived case reports. 23. Dying Man’s Daily Journal : At 52, Bill was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He later began this blog for himself, his granddaughter, and anyone else who may be going through the same thing. Must reads include his story and the spirit within him. 24. Boomers : Brent Green is a marketing consultant who specializes in the “boomer” generation. He provides opinions, analyses, and commentary for news media. Categories range from advertising to health to travel.
Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting by an Individual They may or may not be grandparents but still have lots to say about it.
    25. Grandparents and Grandparenting : Susan Adcox is your expert from on Grandparenting. The blog offers fun activities, grandparent’s rights, and much more. Must reads include an entry for new grandparents and classic outdoor games. 26. Living on the Other Side of the Hill : From Kentucky, Judy is a retired lady who enjoys writing about it. As a former state employee, she loves to travel, read and meet new people. She also has a blog on Southern cooking. 27. The Retirement Chronicles : A retired woman chronicles family, marriage, gardening, birds, and photography all in one place. Daily observations are given with humor and heart. A good choice if you want to be you for a while instead of “grandma.” 28. Liam’s Grandma or Maggie in Real Life : She splits her time between Rochester and Detroit. Her time in each place depends on a variety of factors including hormones, kids, grandchild, husband, and hair on any given day. Categories range from baby exchange to work life. 29. My Elderly Space : “Yada and Yoda” dedicate their blog to the elderly and the joy and wisdom they can bring to those surrounding them, even grandchildren. With loads of tips on living a full, healthy life for seniors, it is a good stop. A recent entry was even on how to live to 100. 30. The Boomer Blog : Seven bloggers stop in to write about life as part of the boomer generation. The blog is sponsored by Fleishman-Hillard, a public relations firm. Categories include beauty, health, finances, marketing, and more. 31. The New Old Age : From “The New York Times,” this blog focuses on children whose parents are over 80. Jane Gross is the author of “Families with Aging Parents Share Their Struggles and Solutions.” Medical policy, Social Security, and more are written about. 32. Parenting Grown Children : This blog is also entitled “what Dr. Spock forgot to tell us.” With the continued parenting of adult children in mind, the myths of clear sailing are dispersed. Be sure to read the “notes to self” on the left. 33. A Nana’s Journey : This blogger believes that life is sometimes terrible and sometimes tender. With both in mind, she writes about being a wife, woman, mother, grandmother, and much more. She is also proud to be Canadian and writes about that as well.
Specialty Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting These blogs cover a certain aspect of grandparenting.
    34. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren : Karen raised her granddaughters for seven years before they went back to live with their mother. In addition to the entire story, she also writes about how everyone is doing now. A recent post even showed how to use Skype with the kids. 35. LDS Nana : This grandmother is also a Mormon. Part of AskMormon, she often addresses issues on both religion and Grandparenting. Choose from one of informative posts or read the latest. 36. Quilting Ranny : Both quilting and grandparenting are the choice subjects of this blog. This grandmother is raising her three grandchildren while in search of the perfect quilt. Updates and pictures of both are featured. 37. Gramma’s Quilting Room : Judy is another grandma who enjoys quilting. From Washington State, she also discusses family, friends, dogs, chickens, books, and more. Tips for everything and daily life are often discussed. 38. Ellouisestory : She has been a professional storyteller for the last 20 years. Her stories are for everyone including seniors, adults, youth, and families. Visit the blog to get tips for your own storytelling. 39. Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles : Dee Andrews, Esq. is a lawyer and also a grandmother. Her blog focuses on finding direction during this stage of life. Recent entries have been on “The Boat.” 40. Nutmeg Notes : Natural Mother is mother to five and “Nandy” to four. She is a homemaker and writer who is “desperate to see the footsteps of Jesus before me.” Read about all in the blog. 41. Chin Hairs Are Nothing But Stray Eyelids : Jan is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In addition to being a grandmother, she is also an event planner. She also blogs on travel, Broadway, and reading. 42. Nona Nita’s Grandparenting Blog : She lives in Long Island where she teaches ESL and Social Studies at a high school. Her blog focuses on giving the children and grandchildren both roots and wings. Choose from loads of posts on education and product reviews. 43. Grandma’s Little Pearls : Both wisdom and grandchildren are the subject of the pearls in this blog. Shelley finds a variety of kid tested and approved activities to enrich the lives of both children and adults. Lasting memories and more are shared often. 44. The Domestic Episodes of a Rodeo Princess : This grandmother focuses neither on princesses or rodeos. Her grandsons often take center stage, along with updates on daily life.
Best Blogs To Make the Most of Grandparenting These blogs have loads of tips for your grandparenting, finances, free time, and more.
    45. Ann Tucker : She is “that garage selling, internet blogging, Googling Granny.” If you need help with anything from working an iPhone to selling something on eBay, she can help. A recent entry was on the timelessness of Monopoly. 46. Nana Finds : This is the blog for grandparents looking to save money. Nana finds ways to save money and gives both information and tips. Recent posts are on free credit reports and ten easy de-stressors. 47. Women’s Home Activities : Get creative ideas to do at home yourself, with friends, or the grandkids here. Categories include around the home, educational, gardening, and more. A recent entry was on a lesson in life. 48. Financial Intimacy : Helga is a member of the American Society on Aging and created “A Wife’s Guide to Intimacy” two years before she was widowed. This is an excellent choice for grandmothers who are single and need someone of their own age giving financial advice. Blog entries also contain topics for married couples. 49. Grandloving : The authors of this blog are a mother, daughter in law, and father team. Connection ideas are a useful tool for brining families together. You can also choose entries such as a new grandbaby or long distance love. 50. Surrogate Grandparenting : This site was launched as a unique experiment in creating families. It is for families with children of all ages whose grandparents are unable to be in their lives and surrogates who want to fill in. Blog posts are on the goings on of the lives of participants.
Remember to use caution when visiting the above 50 best blogs by and about grandparenting. Although they are good for a read, caution should be used when contacting anyone over the internet as everything is done anonymously and without penalties.