About Us

“What degree do I need to become a nurse practitioner?” , “Which sub-specialty best prepares me to become a nurse educator?” , …these are just a few of the questions Maureen has received over the years from students considering an MSN degree. To help students navigate the increasingly complex world of MSN degrees, the nonprofit resource site MSNDegree.com was created. Who created MSNDegree.com and Why? Maureen Denard is the creator of MSNDegree.com, a resource for students who want to understand their options for obtaining a master of science in nursing degree. Motivated by her own struggle to understand the multitude of degree options, career paths, and what schools offered what, Maureen created MSNDegree.com as an unbiased site which seeks to explain these options. MSNDegree.com Relies on Your Feedback MSNDegree.com strives to become the place that students and administrators use to understand the field’s educational opportunities better. But we rely on prospective student feedback as well as comments from school administrators to help improve our site.  So email me, Maureen, at Info at MSNDegree dot com.